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Transdata's Victories - Industry Recognition

2015 Best Job of the Year - SC&RA, 2016 Heavy Duty OS/OW, 2017 Top Engenharias, 2017 Heavy Duty Multimodal and OS/OW recognize the company’s leadership in the industry.

2015 Best Job of the Year – SC&RA

The erection and settlement of two 14.63 meters width / high, 325-tonne plate mill housings won the award of the best rigging job from SC&RA.

Innovative solutions, safety and engineering plans are the most important criteria to be considered for the contest with companies all around the world at the SC&RA Annual Conference.

Transdata is the first and the only company of South America to win the international price.
The Specialized Carriers and Rigging Association (SC&RA) is an international association of nearly 1,300 member companies from 46 nations. Members are involved in specialized transportation, crane and rigging operations, manufacturing and rental.
2016 Heavy Duty OS/OW – Top Crane Brasil
The overland haulage of the 316-tonne rotor from Araraquara to Santos Port was featured between the best performances of hauling in the world and won the Brazilian price Heavy Duty due to innovative solutions designed by Transdata that ensured the total safety delivery of one of the largest rotor ever manufactured.

More than one year of prior preparation and studies were required to Transdata’s in-house engineering and management crews to establish the suitable route, specialized equipment and configuration, overweight permits and removal of obstructions. The rotor belongs to Belo Monte Hydroelectric Plant, which is being built in Amazon on the Xingu River and will be the fourth largest dam in the world, guaranteeing power output enough to serve 60 million people.
2017 Top Engenharias

Recognized for its contribution towards the development of Engineering in Brazil, Transdata received the “Prêmio Top de Engenharia 2017 Award”, promoted by the Engineering Memorial center and the Engineers Association of the Engineering School of the Federal University of the State of Minas Gerais, (AEAEE-MG). 

The Companies honored with the Top Engenharia Award are those that supply distinguished engineering services in Brazil, indicated and elected by the Association of engineers, Company Directors, Leaders, Specialized consultants and Opinion Leaders, based on criteria of technological innovation, quality of the services provided, competence in its realm, cost-benefit and presence in the marketplace. 
Engineering is the cornerstone of all of Transdatas’ operations. The Company offers heavy overland hauling services, multimodal transportation, hoisting and equipment moving for over-dimensioned and overheavy loads. Innovative solutions, state of the art technology equipment and its work team allow Transdata to handle projects of complex cargo movement in several industry sectors, covering all regions of the Nation and all Latin America. 
2017 Heavy Duty OS/OW – Top Crane Brasil
The removal job of two mooring buoy of 18.20 x 25.60 meters - 861 tonnes from Espírito Santos to Rio de Janeiro is the best 2017 OS/OW operation performed in Brazil. Transdata followed a detailed operational procedure to ensure the maximum safety standard of the overall project including port haulage through SPMT’s, barge mooring, load out, lashing securing, load in and unloading.
2017 Heavy Duty Multimodal– Top Crane Brasil

The best 2017 Multimodal operation is the delivery of 14 transformers to Xingu Substation, in the Amazon region, which will be responsible for transforming part of the high voltage energy of the Belo Monte Hydroelectric Plant, the fourth largest of installed capacity in the world.                      

Transdata carried out the whole door to door operation of 06 transformers 10.40 x 04.00 x 05.10 meters - 219 tonnes from the factory in Jundiaí, State of São Paulo and transshipment, barge transport from Outeiro Port, load in, transport by SPMT’s, unloading and final positioning onto bases of 07 transformers 10.70 x 04.80 x 05.10 meters - 332 tonnes and 01 10.40 x 04.00 x 05.10 meters - 219 tonnes sent from Germany and China to Belém in the Amazon area. A special jetty was designed to reception of the transformers in the Xingu river. 
The substation is part of the Xingu / Estreito power line, which will have more than 2,000 kilometers and pass through 65 cities and 4 States to distribute electric power to the consumer centers in the South and Southeast regions of the country.
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