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Largest Special Transport ever carried out in Brazil

Transdata accepted the challenge of performing the largest special transport ever carried out in Brazil of a 359 ton generator for Parnaíba V Thermoelectric, including lifting and positioning at the base. In this project, 2300 hours of engineering were detached, in addition to providing unprecedented solutions on the market, and most importantly, results sought by the Parties involved were achieved.

In the first stage of the project, the 359-ton Generator was transported, leaving the Port of Itaqui bound for Santo Antônio dos Lopes-MA, using an unprecedented engineering solution in the segment, the modular metallic overlap. 340 km of transport were carried out in sets of 20 + 20 axle lines and transport beam with a capacity of 400 tonnes, adding up to the total weight of the train of 816 tonnes and carried out in a record time of 14 days.

Then, the generator was transferred over the transport beam to a set of 22 self-propelled axes (SPMT) in the fourth row, to ensure that the generator wouldn't suffer any shock or sudden accelerations in the complex's internal maneuvers.

Thus, when the generator arrived at the installation site, after the functional tests, the alignment and positioning of the generator was carried out. During the elevation, the operation was assisted by computerized systems and monitored by the engineering team.

Transdata meets its role with excellence, becoming essential to guarantee the development of the industrial sector, enabling the implementation of the largest structural works in the country, such as: refineries, platforms and shipyards, wind farms, hydroelectric plants, industrial, steel and mining facilities. « Voltar