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Pioneers in the Use of the Water Route by the Paraná River

We face the most diverse challenges in delivering the project cargo to the infrastructure projects, which are responsible for the country's development. When we quantify our accomplishments, we are proud of our capacity that increases as the challenges arise. For the construction of a Nitrogenous Fertilizer Facility in the State of Mato Grosso do Sul, we were pioneers in the use of the Paraná River water route to guarantee the transportation of the 12 largest equipment of the facility.

A complex operation, about 90% carried out on a sea / river route, including the overall planning as geometric feasibility studies, the civil works, maritime transshipments, load in and load out and overland haulage.

One of the successful cases that shows the potential of our team in finding logistics solutions to enable the mobilization of OS/OW cargo to regions with difficult road access.  « Back