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Transport, handling and lifting operation (VOITH)

In 2019, Transdata carried out road transport from Voith São Paulo to Rurópolis Substation in Pará, in the extreme north of Brazil. With an engineering solution and through the support of suitable equipment, Transdata installed it on the base of the stator and rotor coupling, using hydraulic gantry, removal equipment and self-propelled shaft lines (SPMT) to enable internal movement in the work.

The dimensions of the cargo are: 5.00m x 5.50m x 5.00m / 147.00 ton.

In order to facilitate maneuvers and overcome internal interference, in addition to road transport, the operation contemplated the transfer of the conventional line to the self-propelled modular transporter (SPMT), and then, discharge at the base with a hydraulic gantry with a capacity of 500 ton.
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