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Giant Rotor Overland Haulage Featured in the World

Giant Rotor Overland Haulage Featured in the World

Year: 2015

Overland haulage, loading and unloading .

The mega overland haulage operation of one of the largest rotors manufactured in the world was featured on news channels, specialized tv shows and magazines, as well as it impressed the users of the roads where it went. The cargo travelled across the state of São Paulo, its presence could not been unnoticed,  the transport  set was 108 meters length and weighted 675 tonnes, consisting of 3 750cv-prime mover, 02 sets of 18 axle lines and the girder specially designed for this operation. The rotor weighted 316 tonnes and measured almost 9 meters long, 5 meters high left Araraquara (Countryside of São Paulo State) to be delivered in the Port of Santos (SP), which will be shipped to the Xingu River Basin to the Belo Monte Hydroelectric Project.

Understanding the operation:
The project involved about 60 professionals performing synchronized actions in order to run the road route between Araraquara and Port of Santos. Here, in Brazil, we have many problems to perform oversized cargo transport operations, so our prior planning has to be carefully studied including physical inspection of the route and engineering solutions to overpass the geometrical challenges we face. It needs about a year of planning. The studies determine if there is feasibility of conducting the passage of the cargo in the first place, and after what we should do to allow the project performance in terms of civil works, electrical net adaptations, reinforcement of bridges, for example. In this phase, traffic license and proper permits are obtained.

Transdata optimized the deadlines for this first phase of the project, the overland haulage. Thanks to the commitment and dedication of its employees and partners who once again contributed to the recognition of the technical and administrative capacity of the company. In addition, Transdata counts with the collaboration of public agencies and road concessionaires.


Origin: Araraquara (SP)
Destination: Porto de Santos (SP)
Cargo Dimensions:
08.83 x 05.50 x 05.03 meters - 316 tonnes
Transporter Set Dimensions: 
108.00 x 08.83 x 05.63 meters - 675 tonnes
Main Equipment: 
03 8x4-Prime Mover
02 18-Axle Line Set 
320-tonne Girder Bridge

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Giant Rotor Overland Haulage
Giant Rotor Overland Haulage
Giant Rotor Overland Haulage
Giant Rotor Overland Haulage
Giant Rotor Overland Haulage
Giant Rotor Overland Haulage
Giant Rotor Overland Haulage
Giant Rotor Loading